Xin Tian, Esq. | Research Director | Beijing Qiansong Tech Development Co., Ltd.

While Xin Tian was studying for a biology degree in China, he became aware of the competing philosophies between Chinese and American law. He kept with his biology major, earning a Bachelor of Science in biotechnology from China Pharmaceutical University in 2009, and traveled to the United States to continue down that path. After receiving a Master of Science in biology from New York University in 2011, he followed his interests in law at the University of Minnesota, receiving a JD, cum laude, in 2016. Since then, Mr. Tian has cultivated his career with both of his areas of expertise. Since 2018, he has served as the research director for Beijing Qiansong Tech Development Co., Ltd. Prior to this, he was a legal intern for Thomson Reuters from 2015 to 2017 and an electronic health record consultant for Technical Consulting & Research, Inc. He was admitted to practice to the New York bar in 2018, and in the years since has received numerous awards and accolades for his work. This includes several patents, a Beijing Overseas Talents Center Award, and awards for the short film, “Lost in New York.”

Mr. Tian believes since new technology develops every year that it will continue to shape the legal field. The science research industry extremely values creativity but on the side of law, technology tends to be stable for the purpose of maintaining social stability. In the health industry, laws need flexibility and in the next five years, science will develop beyond the extent of law. In some areas, law does not regulate new science research and he would like to make contributions and fill the gaps between law and science. He maintains professional affiliation with the New York Bar Association, the IEEE, and the American Bar Association.

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